This page contains ideas, activities, and materials for developing students' speaking skills in English from the Total Immersion Program in Beijing.

Field Trips


Movies & Video Clips

- Note how the three different question types make it possible for the teacher to differentiate instruction based on different skill levels

Paired Activities & Mixers



Boggle's World has many pronunciation activities available. Activities greatly enjoyed included these family relations activities.


Participants read selections from ASCD, Reader's Digest, Time, and Scholastic.

Reading on Play

Take a Hike Reading

True Colors

True Colors Test

True Communication with True Colors - Tips on communicating with people of each color type

True Colors in the Classroom - Tips on using True Colors to understand teaching and learning styles and managing classroom behavior

Coaching Tips When Teaming (True Colors) - Tips for leaders on using True Colors to gain more effective results when collaborating with others or working in teams


Participants maintained a daily journal, writing on a variety of prompts.

- This was used as a program pre-assessment