Information and strategies related to pedagogy and classroom management explored during the institute.

Classroom Management & Pedagogy

Attention Strategies

  • Clap a Pattern
  • Count Down
  • Eyes on Me
  • If You Can Hear Me, Sing with Me
  • Noisemakers (Jingle Bell, Sticks)
  • When the Music Stops

Closure Strategies

Grouping Strategies

  • Birth Month
  • Clothing (everyone wearing the same color in a group)
  • Count Off
  • Line up by height
  • Line up by birthday month
  • Speed dating
  • Inside-Outside Circles
  • Popsicle Sticks
    • Group by different colors
    • Group by same colors
  • Team A & Team B (based on which side of the room students are sitting)
  • Assigning spokesperson
    • Who came from the most distant point
    • Who came from the closest point
    • Closest birthday

Interaction Strategies

Lesson Planning