Below is a list of websites that world language teachers have found useful for practicing reading, listening, speaking, and by extension, writing.

Wordle or Tagul
  • Teachers and students can create word clouds
  • No registration at Wordle (save with a screen shot); Registration required at Tagul
  • Reading

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  • Teachers and students can create a talking avatar
  • Free registration with a limited number of free vokis
  • Teacher portal with additional features to manage students (fee)
  • Speaking and listening


  • Teachers and students can create talking photos from own photos
  • Free registration
  • Speaking and listening


  • Students and teachers can create a multimedia poster
  • Limited free accounts for teachers and students
  • Teacher portal with additional features to manage students (fee)
  • Speaking, listening, reading, writing
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Clear’s Rich Internet Applications

  • Teachers can create activities for students to do
  • Free
  • An account is required
  • Speaking, listening, mashups (combining video, audio, text, and interactive exercises), quizzes, conversations, video dropbox, viewpoints, interactive worksheets


A website where you can publish homework, resources, projects, embed content, provide links, etc.. Students can also have accounts and set up their own wiki or perhaps you set up a page for each student

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Additional Resources:
Cindy's Wiki – click on presentations and explore! This is Cindy’s website with examples and links to many different multimedia environments for teachers and students

Cindy's Bookmarks Online - this is where Cindy bookmarks websites of interest; search by keyword.